Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Restaurant Review: The Bottom End

Location: 579 Little Collins Street Melbourne
Phone: 03 9629 3001
Link: thebottomend.com.au
Cuisine: Diner, American, Burgers
Overall Impression: 8/10
Brought to you by the makers of the night clubs "Poof Doof" and "Survivor!" is an exciting new menu at The Bottom End. A well crafted menu that is certainly a welcomed addition to the CBD dining scene, it features an impressive list of drinks (including brilliant martinis and cocktails) and an adventurous lists of burgers and sides.We were taken on a journey that was accurately described as "a bold burger odyssey".
Sides: Mac n' cheese balls, fries and N.Y.C. Buffalo Wings

The N.Y.C. Buffalo Wings were a winner. They were deliciously crisp on the outside and tender on the inside and covered in a thick gooey sweet and spicy sauce. I dare say, they were one of the best chicken wings I have had to date. They even rivalled R's best memory of chicken wings (in a Hooters restaurant in Texas).
Every single burger we had was cooked very well. As adventurous as the items on the burger menu sounded, when all was said and done, it was clear that the flavour combinations worked. The buns were always toasted perfectly and the protein it contained was consistently cooked well.
Our top 5 favourite burgers:
  1. The famous Mitsubishi
  2. Roman conquest
  3. Mexico City Cheese
  4. Plato's Delight
  5. Chicken 5-0
"The famous Mitsubishi" burger blew our minds. It was genius and absolutely delicious. The Katsu Chicken pattie was delectably crumbed and crisp and the chicken was moist and juicy. The seaweed salad brought a nice touch of umame and the wakame and wasabi mayonnaise had a perfect level of heat which balanced the creaminess of the mayonnaise.  It is a delicious burger that I certainly recommend.
Sides: Parmesan truffle fries (left), Famous house taco salad (right)
The Australian Martini - with a smear of vegemite on the side... and instead of olives as the usual garnish, it's a pickled onion and cheese.
Our top 5 favourite drinks:
  1. The Robert Mitchum
  2. F*&king Marvellous Martini
  3. Camel Toe
  4. Breakfast Martini
  5. Alabama Slammer
Our favourite drink of all was "The Robert Mitchum". Made from a strange mix of bourbon, maple syrup, orange juice and egg, it hardly inspires confidence. But have a little faith and place that order because what you receive is a beautiful drink that taste quite like a banana smoothie (with a lovely milkshake consistency) that is a perfectly sweet end to any meal.

The Bottom End is a great bar and dining venue. The new menu is not one that conforms to burger norms. In fact, the whole venue is a little left of centre but that is precisely what makes it tick.
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Gastrology bloggers dined courtesy of The Bottom End.

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