Friday, 13 July 2012

Restaurant Review: PappaRich Doncaster

Location: 540 Doncaster Road, Doncaster
Phone: 03 9848 1572
Cuisine: Malaysian
Overall Impression: 4/10
With the Malaysian PappaRich chain taking on Victoria during the past few months, it was difficult not to take notice. Even though I had heard less than promising reviews from family and friends, G, A and I decided to visit the Doncaster restaurant out of curiosity.

 Biriyani rice with chicken and eggplant

The place was bustling and incredibly packed on the Friday night we visited. We were told to take a ticket for a table and wait our turn at the bar. It was a good thing that neither of us were in a hurry because that wait was 40 minutes long.  
 Egg Noodle

When we were finally seated, the menu was cause for salivation. The vibrant pictures on the menu were brilliant and we all had trouble deciding what to eat but given how hungry we were by this stage, we all put our orders in as quickly as possible. If you’ve been to PappaRich you will know that the orders are taken by patrons writing down their orders on a pad and pressing a green button on their table to alert staff that a table requires attention – brilliant move given how little training this would require overall. 
 Ipoh Hor Fun
Ending the night with some sweet beverages

The food we received was of a reasonably good standard. While a lot of the items were lacklustre and perhaps not as flavoursome as we would have liked, they were incredibly well priced. If we omitted the waiting time, we all agreed that we would have been pleased with our dining experience. However, given the unreasonably long wait, we will certainly think twice before returning.

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